About Attaybat

Attayebat for food stuffs is the spearhead expansion venture in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan estabished by Al-Qasrawi Industrial and Trading Group, the leading manufacturer of Snacks and chips in Palestine, in 2011 this new and ambitious project started producing chips pellets, which is known as the core ingredient in the Snack and chips industry, and is considered as the pioneer of this type of manufacturing on the regional level in the Middle East and North Africa.

Attayebat For Food Stuffs is yet another step in the long and continued pursuit of expansion and development and modernization followed by Al-Qasrawi Industrial and Trading Group, the highly successful Palestinian business conglomerate and the undisputed market leader in Snack and chips manufacturing in Palestine.

Our Vision:

Attayebat and since it's establishment, aspires to lead the Chips Pellets manufacturing industry by continued research and development in the framework of an established long term strategy designed to maintain production  up to date in order to make the best and most nutritious products, meeting and surpassing the most regorious and advanced global quality standards offered at competitive prices.

Our Team: continuous training and constant development 

Attayebat believes in the importance of the human resource and the importance of continuous training and development, all Administrative, Production, and inspection staff receive continued training courses, in order to keep the company's team in top form and capability to create and excel.

Our direction: towards The World

Attayebat is extremely proud of the well established and strategic partnerships and business relations with the leading snack and chips producers in the Middle East, Africa,  Eastern Europe, and America. The company will continue to further build new partnerships and explore new horizons around the world by maintaining an active presence in all international fairs, Expos and specialized industry gatherings.

Quality: Our main Goal

One of Attayebat core values is attaining the highest levels of Quality and Preserving the upmost standards of Food safety. And to achieve this the company established the R&D and Quality control departments.

The Company also, and from the early days of it's inception, has worked steadily towards acquiring the most recognized certificates of Quality assurance and world standards, assuring satisfaction of customer expectations.

Our Products

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